Leap of Faith & Lent

Leap of Faith THIS Sunday

It’s Leap Year, the perfect time for New Song to take a leap of faith. Join us at the Jennings Farm this Sunday, February 28, as we celebrate how far we’ve come, and dream about how far we’ll go.  
Children are welcome.  Please bring snacks, drinks and desserts to share. The fun begins at 1pm!  
Pam and Michael’s address:  18536 Bridlegate Lane, 63069.

Upcoming Worship

Don’t wait until Easter to worship!  That first Easter didn’t 
“just happen.”  The first Easter required a journey.  Jesus and the disciples had to travel to Jerusalem, they had to gather for a last supper together, they had to endure the unimaginable crucifixion, and they had to spend time in fearful confusion. That first Easter didn’t just happen.  And neither will this Easter.  Please join us in worship these coming weeks, that your Easter might be made holy.  

Special Worship Experiences

Saturday March 19 Palm Saturday Processional
Our entire congregation will join the children in a processional complete with palms and coats.  Please bring budding branches to wave, and spring jackets and other clothing to lay before the cross.  All clothing will be donated to folks experiencing homelessness.
Thursday, March 24 Maundy Thursday Communion
Join us at 7pm as we focus upon the last supper Jesus had with his disciples before being arrested and crucified.
Sunday, March 27 Easter Sunday
This is our only Sunday morning worship of the year, so we won’t have our regular Saturday evening service the night before.  Bring your friends and family as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

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