Still Looking For Lazarus

Beginning this weekend, we’re returning to one of our favorite mission projects called Looking for Lazarus (L4L).  Everyone is encouraged to bring items to worship each week that might be helpful to those living on the streets.  Each month, the young people will package whatever items have been collected. We are all encouraged to carry a few of the “Lazarus Bags” in our cars so we can share with those in need.

Items to Contribute

Bottled water, pudding cups, peanut butter
granola bars, fruit snacks, applesauce cups,
crackers, cheese, plastic spoons
Socks, gloves, scarves, heat packs, sock hats
Hand wipes, Kleenex, Maxi pads
toothbrush, toothpaste, Nail clippers
Band Aids, Chap stick, Comb or small brush
mints, cough drops, gum
soap, washcloths

May Newsletter

Click HERE to get information on all of the activities during May:

  • Celebrating New Song high school and college graduates
  • Mission Opportunities
    •       St. Louis Food Bank Mission Event
    •       Sack ’em Saturday for Gateway 180 Homeless shelter
  • Information on New Song’s Annual Meeting & Salad Extravaganza
  • SuperKids and SongBirds singing in worship
  • Fun at the Farm – June 3
  • And some other fun things to read about

Jan 6: SuperSaturday & Jumpin’ January

We’ll start the new year off with a super evening at SuperSaturday on January 6th! Besides a yummy dinner, we’ll learn more about the Wise Men and their gifts and help children discover some of their own gifts that they can also bring to Jesus.

The second part of the evening the Songbirds and SuperKids will burn off lots of energy with Jumpin’ January activities. The New Song Youth will show their skills and speed when playing Minute to Win It games.

Please shoot Pam an email if your child/children are coming so we can plan dinner and games. Friends always welcome. Thanks!