Children and Youth

Our hope is to have Children and Youth programming up and running again in early 2023!

Children are always welcome in worship. In fact, we encourage children to lead songs, read scripture, and participate in interactive children’s messages…which are all designed to help children worship God.

For families with young children, child care is available.

New Song provides childcare during our weekly worship service at 5:30 on Saturday evenings.  The child care room offers children and infants a safe, fun place to play and learn while families attend worship. Besides play, we offer stories, crafts and activities based on Biblical and seasonal concepts and using developmentally appropriate teaching methods.

The Child Care Room is located just inside the hallway to the left as you enter the church foyer and is open 15 minutes prior to worship.


  • Talk with your child at home about the various parts of worship:  Announcements, Call to Worship, Singing, Praying, Reading from the Bible, Children’s Message, Sermon, Offering, Communion. Closing Blessing.
  • Encourage your child to sing, pray the Lord’s Prayer, and listen to the music and words.  Ask them later what they liked about worship or what questions they have about worship?
  • Explain the meaning of communion
  • Encourage your child to draw a picture about what they see in the chapel. Activity/art bags are available at the back of the Chapel.
  • Have children notice the different people helping in worship and explain their tasks.
  • Don’t worry about noise-it is their church, too!  Some of the best sounds in the world are the coos of a baby or words from a child. We love kids at New Song and want them to feel safe, welcomed and comfortable there!

More questions about our Children’s Ministry?
Contact Pam Jennings, 314-960-7973,