This Week at New Song

This Saturday, April 11, is a great time to plan to worship at New Song!

Why?  Here are six good reasons!

1.) Madi Hawn has new photography equipment and is looking for attractive subjects.  She is offering FREE portraits to individuals and families who can sit for her after worship.

2.) SuperSaturday is this Saturday evening immediately following worship.  If you have or know of children and youth, ages 4 and up, who would like to participate in a great monthly program, please invite them to join us!

3.) We have mission opportunities coming up in April and May and our weekly worship is the best place to learn more about getting involved.

4.)  We have a Girl’s Night Out event coming up on April 24.  Come to worship to learn more!

5.) Rex begins a new sermon series this week: Old Fashioned Words, in which he will explore some of the traditional words that we toss around casually.  This week’s sermon will be about Courage.

6.) We were created to worship God – It feels right to gather around God’s Table.

See you there!